Mary Saxon

Managing Director, Bryant Park Search Partners

20 years later, I still love it. I believe retail is a window into the soul of our society. How people spend their money, where they spend it, and what they spend it on tells you everything about their lifestyles and their values. It’s unique in that it’s a little bit art and a little bit science – not quite like other industries.

Executive Search gives me the opportunity to leverage my industry experience, my intellectual curiosity, and my intuitive skills in a way that makes a difference for my clients. There’s nothing more fun for me than partnering with a Board of Director, CEO, or other senior leader, to talk about the needs of their business and the type of talent that is needed to take the business to “next”.

The work, if you truly care about it, and are committed to getting it right, is important. People’s careers shape their entire lives. And, people are at the center of every business’ success.

My Sessions