Greg Petro

CEO & Founder, First Insight

First Insight is the world’s leading platform for empowering retailers and brands to introduce the right products at the right price. We are passionate about removing the distance between consumers and retailers.

I saw the need for retailers and brands to re-engage with consumers to determine how products will perform before costly investment decisions are made. In 2007, I incorporated First Insight to address this challenge. By combining the power of online consumer engagement with predictive analytics, we help retailers and brands select and price new, winning products.

As a contributing author for Forbes.com, I enjoy discussing, exploring and writing about how retailers can identify and deliver what their customers really want. Topics include insights from CEOs and industry leaders on new product pricing, evolving retail business models and factors that affect the bottom line of retailers and brands alike.

My Sessions

Accelerating Next Generation Customer Experiences

Transformative retailers understand the importance of putting the consumer at the center — not just saying you’re customer-centric, but manifesting a truly customer-centric culture. They understand the importance of going beyond great product to create authentic customer connections that foster loyalty + trust, engage new customers, and brand sustainability.   You’ll hear candid insights from […]