Alan Wizemann

CDO, Dollar Shave Club

Since 1998, Alan has developed the ideas, software, and teams behind multi-million dollar start-ups that have helped grow some of the largest companies in North America. Spanning an array of products from music to real-estate to commerce, Alan has realized billions of dollars in incremental revenue through systematic, innovative agile development of software and services for companies like Target, Amazon, Nike, Levi’s, Sony, Toyota, lululemon and over 100 medium to large scale corporations. With this experience, Alan now focuses on bringing product knowledge, strategy and proven workflows to transform organizations to work smarter and faster, generating significant gains in revenue while retaining millions of dollars in the process.

Throughout his career, Alan has personally performed and managed multiple disciplines and roles of a modern software organization including interface and interaction design, user experience, engineering and development, systems and service architecture, scrum management, technical requirement writing, software testing, product and engineering management and general / executive management. Alan has experience managing small teams and multiple-team organizations totaling over 600 individuals with numerous direct reports. Alan’s specialty is leading large scale enterprise digital organizations through agile transformations with the productization of current assets. He is well versed in overall product strategy and road-mapping, user-centric experience strategy and design as well as process and design methodologies for mobile and web applications, innovation strategy with minimum viable product deliverables and agile team creation and orchestration.

My Sessions

The Self-Disruptive Leader: Modern Retail’s Agile C-Suite

Evolving technology and consumer expectations have created both complexities and opportunities for customer-centric business leaders – rendering the roles of the Chief Merchant, Chief Marketer, CTO, CIO, CDO, and Chief Experience Officer among others more multifaceted and blurred than ever before. Recognized as change agents, a new suite of leadership has emerged to keep pace […]