Ascendant Interview: Using Grit + Agility to Reimagine Retail

What are the common threads that unite successful people? What are the leadership traits that predict business success? What are the learnings that retail rockstars pick up on the long road to the C-Suite? This signature Ascendant Interview series highlights the rise of renowned change-agents so you can better understand how to embrace your unique talents + expertise to ascend further in your career.


In this Interview, Mary Beth Laughton will discuss her incredible journey from Harvard business school to McKinsey analyst. She’ll share her path from strategic planning and ecommerce at Nike to GM and ultimately EVP of Omni Retail at Sephora where she leads innovation and the customer experience across all channels. You’ll learn about the mentors she had, the hard decisions she made, the opportunities she seized and left behind, + the sheer grit, will and determination that helped her remimagine and redefine retail for the new, hyper-connected consumer.