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Agility is the name of the game for Retail Ascendants in 2019. Challenged with moving at the breakneck pace of consumers + competitors, today’s retailers understand they need to be in perpetual beta to get + stay ahead. With disruption happening every day, how do you decide where to focus? How do you build the rapid alignment needed to compete in real time?  In 2019, Retail Ascendant will focus on: 


Building agile management teams  

How to learn faster from both customers + competitors

How to speed action + quickly assess results

How to build agile teams that learn + respond faster

How diversity + inclusion increase productivity


Accelerating next-generation consumer experiences

First, a “move fast + break things” mindset; second, good judgement

Reducing friction quickly to power better customer experiences

Putting the convergence in commerce + content + community to work

Driving the modern retail organization with future-proof tech

Getting a single view of the customer

Agility via predictive + prescriptive analytics

Refining + adapting in real-time


Join the Industry's Who's Who

Retail Ascendant is unlike any other industry group — it’s an exclusive, peer-driven membership network connecting transformative retailers driving seamless customer experience. Members elevate their personal + professional influence while establishing meaningful relationships that fuel both business + career growth.

Meet our guiding voices — Check out the Retail Ascendant Council!

*Annual brand marketer membership fees start at $5,000; includes participation at semi-annual events. Find out more.


Brands Who Participate

Sample of retail participants. Contact us for attendee list.

Why join?

“Retail Ascendant offers an intimate environment to create, learn and share in this ever-changing dynamic environment.”

Ann Watson, SVP & CMO, Sperry

“The Retail Ascendant has all of the criteria I look for in a conference: a diverse mix of companies and backgrounds, a transparent setting, and candid conversations.”

Charlie Cole, Global Chief eCommerce Officer, Samsonite


“What Retail Ascendant does really well is get a diverse group of people together who are open to learning. When that’s the tone of the dialogue, it’s time well-spent.”

Maureen Sullivan, President, Rent the Runway


2019 Partners + Hosts

Carefully curated sponsors enjoy unfettered access to influential Retail Ascendant members. Our closed-door environment is custom-tailored to encourage open conversations + collaboration, deep relationship-building + true long-term partnerships.

Why partner?

“Intimate setting, great learning and networking opportunity!”

Martin Barthel, Head of eCommerce & Retail Strategy, Facebook


“You’ve developed a great community that made me feel welcome – and it was terrific to connect with Walmart, Nordstrom, etc. I couldn’t say more about the value of membership, hosting, and sponsoring.”

Sarah Martinez, Industry Retail Lead, Oath


“Your incredible network is the only one I commit to. I have amazing conversations with the great group of people you’ve assembled! I truly appreciate what you’ve built.”

John Zissimos, VP, Creative, Brand & Media, Google


Partners + Hosts

*Sponsorship fees start at $12,500. Sponsorship is subject to Retail Ascendant Council approval.


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