Tony Ralph

VP, Product Management, Walmart eCommerce

Contemporary marketing allows us to understand customers holistically when it is embedded within all aspects of the business. This reduces Drucker’s distinction in the ideal scenario: product innovation inherently entails marketing.

At its best, “marketing technology” is nearly indistinguishable from “enterprise technology”. Less optimally, a brand’s desire to put customers first is interrupted by siloed organizations and fragmented infrastructure. Those who have solved this at scale (Google, Facebook and increasingly Amazon) now understand so much about “customers” they’ve made a (lucrative) business by offering this knowledge to less fluent brands.

This is the backdrop which has framed my career: attempting to understand customers via solutions which interweave and harmonize advertising and core product development. When done well, what is the difference?

My Sessions

Data + Privacy PT 4: What Brands are Doing Today

This panel of brand marketers, led by Rachel Glasser, Chief Privacy Officer, Wunderman will focus on what brands are doing (and not doing) today about privacy. Topics include:    What data can you collect, what can you use? What needs to change? What can stay the same? What do you need to be aware of […]