Susan MacDermid

Founder + CEO, Ascendant Network

Founder of the Ascendant Network. The Ascendant is an exclusive, invite-only, professional network that empowers an individual’s professional advancement. It’s focused on building a community of the most prominent + progressive marketing executives — those who are leading the transformation of marketing.

A digital industry veteran with 15+ years experience crafting digital strategies for brand advertisers and media companies. Clients have included 25 of the world’s top 100 brands from the consumer electronics, CPG, entertainment, finance, hi-tech, luxury, retail, and travel industries.


+ 15 years international management experience, having worldwide and regional responsibility; running Asia-Pacific, the EU, and the Americas for event and hi-tech companies and global advertising agencies.

+ Accomplished event entrepreneur, successfully launching 4 new event brands, extending existing event brands into 3 new geographies in the Americas, and into Japan and India — doubling profit in 4 years.

+ An award-winning digital strategist with a Cannes Lion in 2013 and over a dozen international awards for marketing innovation.

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Opening Remarks

The Disruptor’s Playbook PT 2: Disrupting the Enterprise

Retailers are being disrupted … like booksellers, publishers, music studios, and broadcasters before them. That’s not news. What is news is that the smartest are assessing their assets and creating new businesses that complement and extend their core. Retailers are today’s canary in the coal mine, and all businesses can learn from the best of […]


Alignment Drives Agility

Agility is the name of the game for Digital Ascendants in 2019. Challenged with moving at the break-neck pace of consumers and competitors, it’s a pressure cooker to get into market faster and faster while simultaneously upping one’s relevance. How do today’s best marketers speed toward desired outcomes? For starters, you can’t do it without […]


Closing Remarks