Kristin Patrick

CMO, PEPSI at PepsiCo

Kristin Patrick is responsible for defining and managing the growth agenda across the Pepsi trademark globally, leading all communication and innovation efforts. She develops and owns the creation of the global playbook for Pepsi as well as the continued evolution of the “Live For Now” platform. She is responsible for driving the brand’s image and messaging to keep the brand powerful, relevant and exciting over the coming decades. Prior to joining PepsiCo, Kristin held several leadership positions at The Walt Disney Company, GAP, Calvin Klein, Playboy Enterprises, William Morris Endeavor and Revlon. She is responsible for some of the most iconic marketing campaigns of the last decade, including GAP’s RED campaign and the Polaroid/Lady Gaga partnership.

My Sessions

Path to CMO PT 2: Ascendants Rising

In celebration of Ascendant’s 5th birthday, we’ll share the fascinating and sometimes surprising stories of how 3 Ascendants became CMO.   Kristin Patrick, who served as PEPSI CMO for 8 years, will lead Shiv Singh — newly minted CMO as of July 2019, sophomore CMO Ronalee Zarate-Bayani, and 3-year CMO Heidi Browning in a conversation […]