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Agility is the name of the game for Digital Ascendants in 2019. Challenged with moving at the break-neck pace of consumers and competitors, it’s a pressure cooker to get into market faster and faster while simultaneously upping one’s relevance. As Marc Pritchard says, “the marketing industry doesn’t move fast enough to turn disruption into opportunity.” So how do marketers take control, re-skill themselves, and speed toward their desired outcomes?  


In 2019, we’ll discuss key areas for marketers to step up their business including:

The agility + speed required to become a growth CMO or Chief Growth Officer

Quickly identify + capitalize on the opportunities produced by disruption

Build agile organizations that responde faster to changes in the marketplace

Scale the team, tech + processes to deliver growth

Fast-track executive alignment + coordinated action

How to own + share success

Accelerate digital + workplace transformation to improve customer experience

Putting data to work in real-life

Bridging tech stacks that bridge gaps

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Digital Ascendant is unlike any other industry group. This powerful, invite-only membership* network connects the world’s most prominent + progressive marketers spearheading digital transformation.

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Why Join?

“This is a unique forum for marketers to do it all — from sharpening specific skills to engaging with others on big thinking. It is authentic, because as strategic partners, we marketers influence the topics to be covered as well as attendees to invite.”

Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer, Marriott International

“I pay to be a member of Digital Ascendant because it has the industry’s most valuable peer set.”

Chris Murphy, Senior Director/Managing Editor, adidas


 “Digital Ascendant nails it, bringing together cutting edge leaders in digital tackling top-of-mind topics.”

Tatyana Zlotsky, VP/GM Acquisition, Partnerships & Global Digital Innovation, American Express 


2019 Sponsors

Carefully curated sponsors enjoy unfettered access to influential Digital Ascendant members. Our closed-door environment is custom-tailored to encourage open conversations + collaboration, deep relationship-building + true long-term partnerships.

Why sponsor?

“Most importantly, this community is special because it’s founded on trust. As a result, the speakers really open up and are amazingly candid. I’m a founding member and I’ve never missed a session.”

Babs Rangaiah, Executive Partner, Global Marketing iX, IBM

“Fantastic and unique experience – a small group of true trail blazers talking with candor and intimacy about our real-world issues and challenges. For a mid-sized publisher, there’s no better network.”

Samantha Skey, President & CRO, SheKnows Media

“After 25+ years in the business, and hundreds of wasted hours at conferences that neither inspire or educate, the Ascendant Conference delivers the highest level of content and executive-level engagement I’ve ever experienced. If you can only go to one conference this year, reserve your spot at the Ascendant conference.”

Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across


*Sponsorship fees start at $14,500. Sponsorship is subject to Digital Ascendant Council approval.




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